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McMan Smart facility management system





8 months


Angular, IONIC, Java 8+, Maven, PHP, Spring 5+


Software for facility process management in McDonald's company and its restaurants in the Slovak and Czech Republic. Registration of facilities with their complete history from their entry to operation till transfer and decommissioning. Brings together communication between operations, service companies and covers planning and process management of service interventions, incidents and maintenance.

01. Specification

The main purpose of the project was a gradual shift and implementation of Facility Management and Business Management to online environment with the use of modern technologies. The system should enable Facility/ Business manager to follow online activities in all facilities in all McDonald’s operations.

With the client we identified the main areas which the system should address:

  • Current condition and facility management based on paperwork is unsatisfactory and inefficient
  • Processes used upon data registration and their processing are currently quite cumbersome and too complex which leads to mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Data are registred mainly in paperform, occasionally in excel files which cannot be further processed
  • Facility manager is unable to access needed data immediately and thus monitor effectively what is happening on facilities or make strategic decisions on the basis of relevant information.

02. Solution

  1. Analysis of the current situation and technical proposal of solution

On the basis of analysis of the current situation in operations we decided to fully digitalize operational processes and maintenance of technical facilities in operations. We decided to implement a cloud crossplatform solution, which enables to use the system in mobile devices as well as web browsers. This solution enabled managers to track the facilities condition online and thus have all relevant data available 24/7.

  1. UX, UI proposal

Functional structure proposal resulting from UX analysis enabled to use applications in an  unchanged form across all facilties. Before the implementation itself we created a functional prototype, which contained the most frequent users’ stories which were subsequently tested. We created clear and intuitive dashboards according to users‘ roles and authorisations so that the aggregated data could be very quickly analysed and evaluated.

  1. Software Development and optimalization

The solution was build as Android native application created as wrapper for web base content.

Bar code scanner, GPS and accelerator belonged to more advanced funcionalities. Backend solutions were implemented on framework Zend 2 and connected to mobile applications through REST API.

The whole communication was secured by advanced security principles.

  1. Implementation in operations, staff training

In pilot phase the solution was implemented in two operations. Subsequently the solution was implemented in all 25 operations in Slovakia. In parallel with implementation a user training was conducted in McDonald’s and service companies.

03. Result

Expected results and KPI set by the client were fully achieved. All data were migrated and registered in an electronic form which led to a complete disposal of  paper form documents. All information is now all time accessible within an application in a clear and intuitive form. The work of employees in branches as well as the work of service workers is simplified and maximally effective. All these measures led to costs savings based on reducing administrative difficulty, facilities error prediction and improved planning of service interventions.

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