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Comprehensive solution of digital products, from the validation phase and the proof of concept, to the finalized product for companies and corporations. We are delivering the UX/UI design, analysis and solution architecture, prototyping and developing MVP, follow-up developments of the web-based, mobile and TV applications, together with their deployment, management and support.

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Radio Expres

Creating mobile applications and a TV application for one of the biggest Slovak radios – Rádio Expres. The user may affect the radio playlist, hear programme archive (podcast), add played music into the favourite list, “like” the contents of all the social media directly from the application, and much more.

Customer: Rádio Express
Technologies: Android / Java / iOS / Objective-c / Windows / REST

Android    iOS   


For the customer Falck we have developed the mobile application Helpisimo, which connects people on the road who need help and tow or roadside assistance who provides the help. When needed, the application locates the driver’s position and searches a service in his vicinity. The driver gets instantly in the mobile application multiple offers, selects one of them, pays, and waits for the mechanic’s arrival. The project was left in the stage of a MVP to verify the potential of the idea before it gets implemented.

Customer: Falck
Technologies: Android / iOS / Ionic / Angular


An application for the registered Private Business and Family members of the Penati Family Club. It provides up-to-date information on the club activities. Its look and feel is above all easy to understand and easy to handle in its daily use. It provides its members the necessary space for their business, as well as for relax of themselves and of their families.

Customer: Penati
Technologies: Technológie: Android / iOS / Ionic / Angular / PHP / Laravel / REST

Android    iOS   

TV Tips

For our customer Orange we have created the project TV TIPS, which analyses the viewership data iEPG from the TV set-top boxes. Based on the behaviour of the mass audience and user’s preferences, the mobile application predicts and recommends movies, series or sports broadcasts from more than 130 TV channels in 10 different languages. A unique advantage of the application is that you can select not only from the currently running offer on the popular programmes, but you can also discover new programmes which you haven’t known before.

Customer: Orange
Technologies: Android / Java / Python / Elasticsearch / REST

Smart TV programme from more than 130 TV channels 10 different languages
Real-time processing data from iEPG
Predictive analysis and programme recommendation based on the behaviour of the mass audience
Integration with TV programmes and



  • Angular
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Java
  • Spring
  • Elasticsearch
  • Kafka
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Ionic/ Hybrid
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Rest
  • DevOps
“During the process of the design and subsequently during the process of website development, I appreciate the smooth communication, willingness of SCR Technologies, personal meetings and an effort to search for solutions based on our proposals.”
Ivana Chlpáňová
Chief Operating Officer / Golem club
“We have addressed the company SCR with a demand to deliver an application, which would be used by the members of Penati Club. We required getting the application delivered as a turnkey solution. During the introductory meetings we communicated thoroughly our ideas about the functionalities and graphical design of the application. After that, we spent some useful time considering the structure and contents of the application itself. As a result we have obtained an elegant, straightforward, content-reach, and especially practically usable application. Above all I appreciate very flexible, professional and customer-oriented approach of the SCR team.”
Štefan Holič
Director/ Family & Business Club Penati

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