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We are a member of SCR® group, which enables us to share our know-how in the area of technologies, marketing and design.

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We are a innovative technology company.

We are involved with developing custom solutions and with sourcing a wide range of technologies. Over more than 10 years of our activity we have contributed to several hundreds of solutions in the area of e-commerce, e-learning, software development, mobile and web application development, and in the area of e-Government.


Our vision is to be a leader in providing solutions for the digital transformation for global companies.


Our mission is to create the digital future using a functional design and useful technology solutions and this way to push boundaries of the IT industry.

People who stand behind
SCR technologies

Pavol Kubán, MBA
Pavol Kubán, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, Co-owner

Founder and co-owner of the SCR group, leader and motivator; he is responsible for the overall long-term company vision and strategy. He employs his 15 years’ experience in the area of the technology, digital marketing and UX/UI design in the company management and in fulfilling the business goals of our clients.
At present he holds position of the Head of strategy and he is a presidium member of the largest professional IT organisation in Slovakia, ITAS. In his leisure time he loves to exercise shooting, Krav Maga, swimming and jogging.

Luboš Černý
Luboš Černý
COO, CTO, Co-Owner

He is the technology leader responsible for the technologic strategy of the company. Thanks to his long-term experience in the area of management and technology he helps the customers to transform their ideas into innovative technology solutions. He employs his know-how also by fulfilling the business goals, project management and human resources management, by designing the solution architectures and by overall operative management of the company. His leisure time belongs to his family, jogging, music, and travelling.

Kamil Kyzúr
Kamil Kyzúr
Chief Business Development Officer

His responsibility is to maintain exceptional and trouble-free relationships with both new and existing clients of the company. Together with the CTO Ľuboš he helps to transform the ideas and needs of the clients into real innovative solutions. He provides end-to-end management of the customer orders until the start of its implementation phase. Together with the CEO he sets the business strategy, product portfolio, he balances the company needs and customer needs, and decides the optimal sales channels.
During his leisure time you can find him in the company of his wife and two beautiful daughters, to which he devotes all his available time outside work.

Roman Satin
Roman Satin
Chief Financial Officer

He is a co-founder and co-owner of the SCR group. As the CFO of the SCR technologies company he bears responsibility for its overall financial management. He has 15 years’ experience in the area of the information technology, design and marketing, thank to which he helps to bring the value-added into the IT projects for the customers, with focus on usability, User Experience and overall quality of the solution. He devotes his leisure time to his family and to cultivation of his garden and various house works.

Anna Majeríková
Anna Majeríková
HR Director

She has been a team member since 2011. Her task is to fulfil the business goals and company strategy with contended, motivated and efficient human resources. She is responsible for the organisational development, providing consultancy in the area of employment law, searching, identifying and developing new talents. In addition to the HR activities she is in charge of the internal communication, marketing and PR of the company. In her leisure time you can find her in the mountains or by a glass of delicious wine to which she devotes herself professionally since 2016.

Ladislav Šimko
Ladislav Šimko
Planning Director

He supervises the correct development processes and delivery of projects. He schedules and steers the workflow of all team members of SCR technologies, in order to get the projects and their intermediate milestones delivered on time, being focused onto the work-life balance and satisfaction of all team members. His leisure time is devoted to fitness, music, travelling, and continuous education.

We are using
the state-of-the-art technologies

In our solutions we use the state-of-the-art technologies proven in dozens real-world projects.

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