Web and mobile applications

UX / UI design,
frontend development

Designing the UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface – visual design), follow-up developments of the front-end for the software applications, web and portal solutions, and for mobile applications.

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In cooperation with the company Datalan and for the customer Slovalco, we have implemented the front-end for the industry application ELEX for monitoring aluminium production furnaces. The application visualises the current status of each indicator and covers monitoring of the undesirable states, from the thermal balance to dosing, pumping, anode status, to the electrolyte quality.

Customer: Slovalco
Technologies: Java / JSF / PrimeFaces / Frotend / UX / UI



  • Angular
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • REST
  • DevOps
“During the process of the design and subsequently during the process of website development, I appreciate the smooth communication, willingness of SCR Technologies, personal meetings and an effort to search for solutions based on our proposals.”
Ivana Chlpáňová
Chief Operating Officer / Golem club
“We have addressed the company SCR with a demand to deliver an application, which would be used by the members of Penati Club. We required getting the application delivered as a turnkey solution. During the introductory meetings we communicated thoroughly our ideas about the functionalities and graphical design of the application. After that, we spent some useful time considering the structure and contents of the application itself. As a result we have obtained an elegant, straightforward, content-reach, and especially practically usable application. Above all I appreciate very flexible, professional and customer-oriented approach of the SCR team.”
Štefan Holič
Director/ Family & Business Club Penati

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