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8 months


Elasticsearch, Laravel, October CMS, VueJS


E-commerce solution with close integration to the customer's laboratory information system (LIS).

01. The requirements

The primary aim of the solution was to provide the users (patients) with self-pay examinations, which could be ordered for a specific date in one of the sample collection centres from the network located throughout Slovakia. The solution enables a wide range of payment methods, from standard payment using a debit card, through payments using internet banking of supported banks. After the sampling and after the samples examination, the results are made available to the customer in the patient zone, where he or she can easily and immediately find out whether his or her results fall within the reference value range. Using the development history chart, the patient can easily follow how this value has been developing in the past by the previous samplings.

Main requirements

  • Close integration to the Laboratory information system
  • Security of the solution achieved through separating the portal parts onto independent servers and verified by independent penetration tests
  • The best possible friendly UX, which will allow guide the user easily even through a relatively complex ordering process


02. The solution

The requirements had been described exhaustively by the client in a 128-point assignment. This resulted in a detailed analysis based on wireframes, which were subsequently UX-tested on a selected sample of users. Based on the results of this testing, a desktop and mobile design with an emphasis on UX was created.

The first part of the solution is the patient part of the portal containing the e-commerce solution itself, clearly explaining how the whole process works, from ordering to displaying results, a list of sample collection centres and a presentation of the company Medirex itself.

The second part of the solution is the medical part of the portal serving Medirex partners. Here they can find instructions for collecting samples, a list of examined parameters, a description of the examination methods for each specialty, a blog module of news, a list of current job positions and many other information that can be easily managed using the CMS.

The third part of the solution is the patient zone, where the registered users (patients) can log in and see an easy-to-grasp and convenient dashboard displaying basic profile information, scheduled examinations and the latest results. Other parts of the patient zone include the examination results, order list, and user profile management.

From the technological point of view, the application is built on the October CMS back-end and VUE front-end framework.


03. The result

The solution provides an easy way to order self-pay examinations and, after examining samples, to access the results online and securely.

The solution is available with its fully responsive front-end at:

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