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5 months


Android, Angular, IONIC, iOS, PHP


The project Dealdone allows creating easily draft agreements (text-based, document-based, audio, video) between two or more parties. The agreements are synchronized among all devices and are available at any time for verification.

01. Specification

The application will allow creating easily draft agreements – by entering text, recording sound from the microphone, attaching a file from the repository on the local device, or by combining these three methods. The draft agreement is then sent to one or more parties who can thereafter confirm it. The agreement content will be stored on a server where it will be synchronised with the devices of each agreement party, together with information whether the agreement has been confirmed. The data will be encrypted both during transfer (encryption in transit) and in storage, either on the server or on the local devices (encryption at rest).

Major requirements:

  • Multiplatform
  • Encryption in transit and at rest
  • Attachments – sound recording, other attachments without format restriction

02. Solution

Analysis was done based on the specification agreed with the European Union, for which the company was awarded a grant. This posted a sort of challenge by the implementation, as all the specifications had to be fulfilled unconditionally.

Technically speaking the application is built upon the Laravel back-end and IONIC framework (a layer over Angular), which allows developing applications for three platforms – web browser, iOS and Android – based on the common code. For the project microsite, WordPress was used.

03. Result

The solution allows creating and recording easily draft agreements between two or more parties, online, in a safe way. Due to the advanced encryption neither the agreement contents nor its attachments are accessible for other persons as the agreement parties.

The mobile application is available in the App Store and android version in Google Play.


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