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Marketing Cloud is a smart product, which offers a best-of-class solution in the area of marketing automation, dynamic 360˚ profiling of customers, and personalised multichannel campaigns focused to increasing conversion rates.

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What is SAP Marketing Cloud?

Smart marketing platform

The smart Customer eXperience solution includes a modern and efficient marketing tool. Marketing Cloud can interconnect and combine any customer data and also it allows addressing each customer separately in a personalised way.

In SAP Marketing Cloud you can achieve creating a comprehensive segmentation from a million datasets in a few seconds; then you can address each customer separately, targeted and using the preferred channel, as e.g. e-mail, SMS, push notification, chatbot, landing page, mobile app or social media, etc. Marketing Cloud employs fully the Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a real-world usage, as the best sending time, product recommendation, customer retention, product buying propensity, next best offer, and much more. Furthermore the solution offers strong analytical tools and a comprehensive marketing calendar and scheduler for an efficient management of both online and offline campaigns.

For whom is it intended?

The solution is intended for every marketing department, which needs an all-in-one and efficient tool, using which they can manage both online and offline communication activities and customer data.

Chief marketing officer / CMO
The solution helps to manage the end-to-end flow of the customer experience, it plans, optimises, and watches the marketing expenses, and it supports an overall digital transformation of the company.

Marketing manager, specialist / Brand manager
The solution helps to manage all the communication channels using a single system, it automates and using the artificial intelligence it increases the effectivity of marketing campaigns, optimises marketing budgets, increases ROI and brings a higher efficiency into the daily marketing tasks.

CTO / CIO / Chief information officer
The solution helps to keep a strategic overview on the marketing development and innovations in the sense of technologies, it maintains the data security policies and data privacy, it reduces the time spent by the operative tasks, and releases the capacities for activities with a higher value-added.

How does it work?

The solution is built upon the cutting edge HANA in-memory database and it can collect data from all the integrated channels (as e.g. web, mobile, banner, social, data from ERP, etc.).

These data are interconnected, enriched, and in real-time updated and using the segmentation models further employed in the automated and smart campaigns throughout all the communication channels.

The key features are the so-called events and interactions. These interactions have a specific type, as a loyalty programme, or web page interactions, or interactions from ERP, CRM, financial data, social media and more, which can be user-defined. Marketing Cloud matches the data and creates a so-called “golden record” for each customer. When more customer data are available, e.g. cookies, e-mail from the landing page, or CRM data, these can be matched as well and upon that a detailed record may be created for each customer.
Based on data on customers’ interests and behaviour we can then predict their future behaviour. This way we can create personalised campaigns using e-mail, landing page, mobile, google ads, Facebook ads, push notifications, or SMS.

What results can be achieved?

SAP Marketing Cloud brings a tangible increase of conversions on the customer side, and also a substantial decrease of marketing department operative cost, which means maximising the efficiency of invested resources.

Acquiring new customers
25% increase of the page visits
23% increase of acquiring new customers

Increasing sales, cross/up/sell
40% decrease of the necessary time to market
10x increase of the sales conversions
5% increase of the average order value

Satisfaction and loyalty
4% increase of the customer satisfactio
4% increase of the repeated sale

Efficiency of the invested resources
24% decrease of costs for activating a customer
30% increase of the sales volume

Source: *The Total Economic ImpactTM of SAP Marketing, a June 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP.


Key functionalities of the
Marketing Cloud

Sap trial

Profiling customers

Segmenting and creating campaigns

Real-time analytics and reporting

Artificial intelligence in marketing

SAP Marketing Cloud is a part of the solution family SAP Customer Experience.

SAP Customer eXperience is a family of smart solutions which integrates the products SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud. A key benefit of the whole suite is an end-to-end coverage of all business processes in the area of customer experience, unified GUI, fine-tuned user experience, integrated analytics with integrated predictive models and mechanisms of machine learning.

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