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The position of a Java Developer requires more advanced knowledge of Java and experience with team projects. The job is occupied to expand our internal team of IT specialists who are dedicated to internal projects for custom development. Thanks to cooperation with us, you can work on various projects for national and multinational clients operating in various segments of automotive, healthcare, fintech. Even though the position can be performed fully remotely, you will be an essential part of our core team from the beginning, you will receive support from techleads, other developers and managers.


Banská Bystrica / Remote


from 3.000€


Contract / Permanent employment / Fulltime

Core tech stack

We also work with

We also offer
something extra


Referral bonus

Recommend another expert to the team and we will reward you financially.


Education bonus

We want to support your growth by providing €250 - €400 per year to online courses, conferences, or workshops of your choice.


Flexible working hours

Plan your workday so that you can also handle personal matters.


Partial home office

Work from office or from home, according to current needs.


Tech bonus

Once a year, you will receive a financial bonus from us for the necessary technical equipment, which will contribute to your work comfort.


Fit / ergonomics bonus

Upon arrival, you will receive a financial bonus from us for the purchase of ergonomic aids according to your own preference.

Our culture

Our goal is to create products and provide services that improve the life of the other party. Aesthetics and design are in our DNA, we emphasize details in design, development, and project management. We create functional things and strive for clean code to make the work of ourselves and our colleagues easier, and to make our clients happy.

We are passionate about the work we do

We do what we do because we enjoy it. If the opposite were true, we wouldn't be doing our job 100%. We want to have people in the team for whom work is their hobby, who are enthusiastic, motivated, and positive.

SCR kariera

We share what we know

Each of us comes to our team with some segment know-how. We gained many qualities by working on projects, others we acquired through professional events and life taught us something :-) We share our experience through internal events, always associated with a pleasant breakfast.

SCR kariera

We conduct a dialogue

In everything we do, we try to conduct a dialogue. Among ourselves at internal meetings, as well as with clients at their meetings. We listen to what the other side has to say, and we respect every single point of view. Through dialogue, we always solve 99% of seemingly insoluble situations.

SCR kariera

Feedback moves
us forward

Our aim is to know every member of the team. After the initial 3 months of cooperation, we have a joint meeting with Techlead and HR, during which we try to find out if we have met the expectations of the other party. We are interested in whether the people at SCR are satisfied, what they enjoy and where they want to move. We meet with each team member at least once a year, where we talk about all these things.

We are flexible
and responsible

Flexibility at work is extremely important to us. We respect that there are days when we need to arrange personal matters, sort out the bank stuff, take children to and from school. At the same time, we are aware that flexibility requires a great deal of responsibility.

We love new ideas and solutions

At our joint events, we present our business results, started and completed cooperation with clients. We are open to new ideas. We are also interested in looking at the functioning of the company and suggestions for what we could improve.

Our clients and projects

  • development of applications and application modules based on technical specifications
  • participation in the creation of technical design and architecture of web and enterprise application solutions according to customer requirements, including involvement in estimating the time required for their implementation (development / technical tasks)
  • non-traditional technological challenges (advanced messaging architectures, emphasis on performance, data analysis)
  • experience of at least 3 years as a Java developer in team projects
  • necessary knowledge of Java 11,17 and Spring / Spring Boot technologies
  • necessary knowledge of Maven or Gradle automated build tools
  • experience in creating REST APIs and Swagger tool
  • need for continuous education in the field of new technologies
  • experience with Elasticsearch, Kafka, Docker, Spring Cloud, AWS
  • experience with BPM tools (e.g. Camunda, Flowable, …)

Your career path

Your reward in the position of Java Developer in SCR can range from 3.000 €.

Check how your reward develops in relation to the position you will hold.

Lead / Head
Monthly reward 3.500 – 5.200 €
Monthly reward 2.900 – 3.500 €
Monthly reward 1.800 € - 2.900 €
Monthly reward 1.200 - 1.800 €
Trainee/ Intern
Monthly reward by agreement.

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